I met this gorgeous family when Baby Sophia was just few days old! She did so great for her newborn session!

I was very happy when her mom contacted me for a cake smash session! Sophia was a dream to work with, she gave me so many fun expressions and was so sweet all the time! I just love seeing my babies grow!

She was not really into cake and didn’t destroy it but that’s totally fine! Let’s say she acted like a real lady 🙂

1st birthday cake smash session girl mom and dad together
girl and dad smiling cakesmash birthday photoshoot
mom holding birthday girl in her hands
birthday girl and mom laughing and having fun together chicago cake smash photo studio
dad and his daughter looking at the camera excited
mom and dad kissing the birthday girl on the forehead
mom and dad holding the birthday girl smiling - she's wearing a floral headband
birthday girl alone wearing a floral headband and smiling at the camera
girl alone standing looking at the camera in a funny pose with a nice headband
closeup of a smiling girl wearing a small bow hair clip
close up of the birthday girl looking at the camera wearing a blue bow hair clip
birthday girl standing hands behind her head in a beautiful dress
another nice pose of the birthday girl standing hands foreward
1st birthday cake smash session with a beautiful pink decor
birthday girl smashing cake wearing a floral headband in pink setting
smashing the cake away and enjoying it!
getting a little taste of the cake that she's about to smash
the cake does taste good!
just the cake alone before it'll be smashed - looking nice and tasty in a Chicago photography studio
sitting turned back at the camera with her favorite stuffed toys
looking all satisfied after smashing that cake
inflating pink balloons is no easy task for a birthday toddler at a cake smash photoshoot